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In the 1990s, the internet was just emerging. ‘Systems ~n~ Practices’—now Savant Learning Systems—was originating on campus and in training rooms to capitalize on new technologies. At the time, the term ‘e-learning’ had only been in existence for a few years, while additional terms began to spring up such as ‘online learning’ and ‘virtual learning’.


Early developers began building mechanisms to deliver courses online, however, one key element was (and is still today), largely ignored and forgotten: the classroom experience. While a student's primary pursuit of an online education is mainly motivated by time, convenience and program accreditation, a significant percent of individuals today have a perception that online learning is a sacrifice.


Students largely believe they are sacrificing the experience they gain from being in a physical classroom on a university campus for the convenience they obtain in a virtual setting.

Born out of a Need to Create

a True Classroom Experience – Online



The Challenge | Reversing the idea of online learning as a preference, not a sacrifice


Creating a learning management system (LMS) that was more than just a delivery mechanism became the key differentiator for Savant among its competitors and is the driving force behind its mission and purpose today. In 2006, a Savant team of faculty and developers began work on V-Camp, a super conductive learning management system geared at capturing the same level of engagement that an individual gains from sitting in a physical classroom, while maximizing learning retention. Unlike other LMS's built by programmers who don't truly understand the learning process, V-Camp has emerged as the system 'Built by Faculty, for Faculty,' enabling educators to deliver their traditional campus-taught course in a virtual setting.

The Solution | Keep it simple.

In initial development, we quickly realized the solution was not to reinvent the wheel, it was to mirror it.


Our goal was to mirror a classroom into a virtual platform, basing the entire structure of our LMS system on an instructional model that has been utilized in classrooms for centuries: Read, Attend, Discuss, Complete.


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The Evolution | Creating custom support.

By 2007 we completed V-Camp and began working with partner universities to launch online programs utilizing this break-through system. Within this time, we foresaw the need to provide universities with increased support for their faculty's transition from the chalkboard to visual media. Building a professional team made up of complementary skills to support educators, we began providing professionally designed Power Points, multimedia and supplemental teaching materials.

As our team began exploring ways to support the growth of organizations, a goal was to improve the quality of learning material.  As a result, we embarked on an initiative to compile and deliver quality learning materials by identifying subject matter experts as guest speakers (i.e. text book authors), ensuring the maximum standards for online courses. Furthermore, we developed services to include IT support, student recruiting, consulting and marketing.

We are continually innovating new ways to support our partners. We now offer customized platforms, such as Virtual Academy: a powerful online LMS that is improving public safety training in more than a dozen states.


Everyday, our mission continues to guide us in creating life-changing learning opportunities. We're attracting true talent to design innovative and engaging content, delivered through our intuitive online platforms.

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