About Us

Savant Learning Systems™ is located in Martin, Tennessee, with offices also located in Huntington, Tennessee, and Nashville, Tennessee. We have been at the forefront of online education for many years and our proven track record of success has been the result of our dedication to excellence in online learning.

Our course material is developed by industry-leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and is designed to facilitate e-Learning for campuses and universities that would have otherwise faced prohibitive development factors such as cost and implementation. Becoming a part of our body of Subject Matter Experts is easy, and can provide an opportunity for an SME to reach a much wider body of students than traditional learning methods can allow.

When you develop a course with Savant, your expertise become the core of the material. Our proven development process is focused on not only creating an easy to use product, but an effective one as well. We achieve that effectiveness by finding the top SMEs and creating courses tailored to their unique style and experiences. Once you have decided on a course subject that you are interested in producing, our team of e-Learning professionals work with you through every step in creating an entire online course.