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Tech Support

We are currently hiring for the 3rd shift position. 

Job Description

The tech support responsibilities include the following items listed as well as other tasks that are relevant to the tech support function.

Primary Responsibilities/Essential Job Functions


  1. Front line support via telephones, ticketing system, email, and live chat.

  2. Troubleshooting a variety of technical and non-technical issues students/faculty/law enforcement are having with our virtual system, their technology, and a number of other situations – through the means mentioned in #1.

  3. Maintenance and administration of high-volume training and learning management systems.

  4. Coordinate with University administration/staff, follow-through with their requests, document processes, and follow-up in various tasks.

  5. Testing for various requests within the company.


Job Requirements:


  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  2. Ability to work well with a team in a fast paced, constantly changing environment. 

  3. Ability to follow instructions from supervisors/coordinators, as well as the ability to lead in projects.

  4. Outstanding customer service skills and a dedication to the customer service experience.

  5. Very independent, yet very dependable to be on time for work, in accomplishing tasks, and other situations.

  6. Ability to multitask.

  7. Ability to meet specific/detailed goals set by directors and coordinators, to follow and document procedures, and to plan and assist in implementing procedures that improve the respective department.

  8. Ability to quickly troubleshoot and implement fixes for various technical situations.


Work Environment/Physical Requirements 


General office conditions. Must have the ability to effectively utilize software required to complete tasks. Must be able to sit for long periods of time at a computer workstation. Must be able to communicate using various modalities. Requires consistent use of a computer mouse and keyboard. May require bending, stooping, and/or lifting of less than 50 lbs. 

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